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GORDONKI WITH BARTEK are music education classes for the youngest, conducted in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and without pressure. During the classes, we mainly sing, listen to melodies, and allow the children to express themselves and move freely.

As an instructor, Bartek focuses on:

freedom (the child decides when to join the play)

original Gordonian techniques (sound, rhythm, movement – without too many gadgets and decorations)

good mood and warmth (he is a charismatic leader that you want to come back to).

GORDONKI WITH BARTEK are quiet, calming classes that result in a beautifully developing musical imagination. Every person has a similar potential related to innate musical abilities. During our meetings, the little ones build their skills, and adults have the opportunity to open up to music and discover their own voice.

Bartek is a musician with an extraordinary voice and a positive disposition – this helps him in his contact with the little ones and adult participants. He was trained in Gordonian techniques by Piotr Łukasik – the founder of Pam Pam Gordonki. He has been conducting Gordonian classes since 2022, and previously gained experience working with children by co-leading an animation company, sowaliska.

For whom?
We invite children from 3 months to 3 years old, together with 1 parent/guardian, to the GORDONKI WITH BARTEK classes.

On Tuesdays from 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Niepubliczny Żłobek Harmony Montessori Park II ul. Pieskowa Skała 7, WarsawEntrance next to gate A (near the sports field)

Registrations and information:
885 063 019 lub 885 884 119

What to bring?
Drinking water, change of shoes (parent and a child), change of clothes.

One-time entry: 60 PLN 5-entry pass: 270 PLN 10-entry pass: 500 PLN 20-entry pass: 900 PLN

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