Montessori education at home

Żłobki Montessori Warszawa Ursynów

The weekend workshop includes theory and practical classes in a Montessori -prepared environment. It is an offer for parents who want to carefully and consciously look at their role as a parent. The workshop gives parents tools to create a prepared environment at home, responding to the developmental needs of their children based on the philosophy of Maria Montessori.

Workshop topics:

  • introduction to the philosophy and method of Maria Montessori;
  • development of a child up to 3 years, sensitive periods and developmental needs;
  • Prepare the Montessori environment at home. Focus on the necessary home equipment developing children’s independence, their practical skills and senses;
  • The role of an adult and communication skills based on observation and positive discipline;
  • working  with Montessori materials and the principles of creating materials at home.
  • The weekend workshop is addressed to parents of children aged


0-3 years as well as future parents who want to prepare themselves and their surroundings for the appearance of a new family member.

Żłobki Dwujęzyczne Warszawa Ursynów
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Żłobki Dwujęzyczne Warszawa Ursynów

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