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Żłobki Montessori Warszawa Ursynów

We invite children and their parents/guardians to Montessori Playgroups. We have created these unique classes to give children the opportunity to work and play in a prepared Montessori environment, before they go to a nursery. It is a form of gentle adaptation that gives children and teachers a chance to build a good relationship.

The Playgroup classes are conducted in Polish and English.

Maria Montessori wrote that “Play is the work of the child”. It is important to create conditions for children’s unrestricted, spontaneous activity, which develops the brain and builds the child’s strong character. Thanks to the prepared environment and the wise guidance of adults, we have a chance to discover the child’s full potential.

For whom?

We invite children aged 1 to 3 years old, along with 1 parent/guardian, to the Montessori Playgroups.


On Thursdays from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.


Niepubliczny Żłobek Harmony Montessori Park II

Pieskowa Skała 7, Warsaw

Entrance next to gate A (near the sports field)

Registrations and information:
885 063 019 or 885 884 119

What to bring?

Drinking water, change of shoes (parent and a child), change of clothes.


One-time entry: 60 PLN
5-entry pass: 270 PLN
10-entry pass: 500 PLN
20-entry pass: 900 PLN

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The classes are conducted in accordance with the principles of hygiene and safety.

Please sign up due to the limited number of available spaces.

Applications and questions:


Tel: 885 884 119

Address: 7 Pieskowa Skała street/entrance near gate “A”, Warsaw-Ursynów

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Żłobki Dwujęzyczne Warszawa Ursynów

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