Żłobki Montessori Warszawa Ursynów
“…The most important period in life is not the time of university studies, but the first period, from birth to six years of age.” M. Montessori


Harmony Montessori Park II

Żłobki Montessori Warszawa Ursynów
Our preschool is currently very intimate groups with total of 19 children. In near future the groups, depending on occupied classroom size, will eventually have 15 or up to 25 children. Each class is led by two or three teachers, one of whom is an English-speaking teacher. Both groups are of different ages and created mainly with our nursery graduates in mind, but as spaces become available, recruitment is also open to children from outside the facility.

As a Montessori institution, we believe that this pedagogy is the best method to support the holistic development of a young person.

Our offer includes:

  • authentic Montessori program
  • bilingualism
  • corrective gymnastics
  • general development classes with balls
  • rhythmics
  • speech therapy consultations
  • observation by a psychologist
Price list for preschool group:
  • Tuition fee of PLN 2450 per month (8:00 – 17:30)
  • Admission fee is PLN 1700 (alumni of our nursery school are exempt from the nursery school admission fee)
  • Food cost is 25 PLN – standard and vege diet is 27 PLN – special diet, which consists of 4 meals and healthy snacks: breakfast, soup, second course, afternoon tea, snacks.
  • Discount for siblings 10%
  • Discount for child’s upfront payment for:
    • 3 months – 5%
    • 6 months – 7%
    • 12 months 9%
Additional offerings: sleepovers (NL), sensory (NL), dance (2+), judo (3+), birthday parties (NL). For details, see the ADDITIONAL OFFER tab.


You are welcome to visit our facility by appointment:

Phone: 885 884 119 or 885 063 019

E-mail: dyrekcja@harmonymontessoripark.pl

We are located at 7 Pieskowa Skała street in Warsaw.

Unforgettable summer adventure at the Harmony Montessori Park preschool. During the 2024 edition, the children will take on the role of young scientists and explore the secrets of a different scientific field every week.

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