Non-public Harmony Park Nursery has been operating since November 2020 in the beautiful Harmony Park Ursynów housing estate. It is located in a new and equipped to the highest standard (air conditioning, ventilation, tilt windows, monitoring, security) service premises of 430 m2, with its own garden and parking spaces for our customers.

Entrusting us with your children, you can be sure that their needs will be of the utmost importance to us and they will be provided with attentive care with elements of education adapted to their stage of development.

As part of the program guaranteed due to the facility’s cooperation with the City of Warsaw, the children will be cared for up to 10h, from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm by qualified nursery staff and specialists cooperating with us, such as a speech therapist, psychologist or rhythmist.

Food is provided by an external catering company, with which we have cooperated since the beginning of our activity.

In addition, for those who are interested, we have created a wide range of activities and additional services which you can find in the dedicated additional offer tab. Additional activities are carried out by the commercial outlet Harmony Montessori Park II, located in the same building.

You are cordially invited!

885 140 150

Recruitment exclusively through the website Select: Placówka nr 293N Harmony Montessori Park (Żłobek)

We hope for harmonious and mutually rewarding cooperation. It is possible to continue education at our Harmony Montessori Park Non-Public Preschool located at the same address. On the other hand, families interested in the full Montessori program in a bilingual version are welcome to visit our commercial facility Harmony Montessori Park II, also located at 7 Pieskowa Skała St. Detailed information in the Montessori nursery and Montessori preschool tabs.

Conditions of admission of children

Given the cooperation of the nursery with the City of Warsaw Hall during the school years 22/23 and 23/24, during this period the conditions of admission of children to the Harmony Montessori Park nursery are governed by the Rules of admission to nurseries of the City of Warsaw, public day-care centers and facilities subsidized and selected in the open competition for the realization of public task in the field of organization of care for children up to 3 years of age in the form of a nursery, children’s club and day-care centers. Warsaw, public day-care centers and subsidized institutions selected in the open competition for the realization of a public task in the field of organizing care for children aged up to 3 in the form of a nursery, children’s club or day-care center, dated May 26, 2022, located on the website of the Complex of Nurseries of the Capital City of Warsaw.

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