Come to the Open Day and find out why it’s worth enrolling your child with us:

Learn about the main principles of Montessori education

  • Talk to our teachers
  • See our interiors and garden
  • Take advantage of promotional enrollment conditions

Your child will not be bored. Our staff has prepared a dedicated program for this special event.

See you there!

Open days apply to commercial facilities (not applicable to nursery No. 293).

REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Limited number of places.


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Recruitment for Harmony Montessori Park II facilities takes place throughout the year as group spots become available and the child is ready to join the group. (NOTE: the following page does not apply to Nursery No. 293)

We welcome children aged 4 to 36 months (nursery) and older (preschool).

STAGE 1 Telephone contact. Please call us for a conversation with the Director, we want to hear what needs you have and what kind of place you are looking for for your child. We will also introduce you to our offer and answer your questions. We will also invite you and your child to visit our facility.

STAGE 2 Visit to the nursery/preschool. The child and his parents will be able to experience our prepared Montessori environment. We will be happy to show you around our facility, introduce the teachers and answer any questions you may have about adapting or formally enrolling your child in our nursery or preschool.

STAGE 3 The decision to enroll your child. It involves signing a contract and paying an enrollment fee. This step will enable us to prepare a place for your child in the group and you will receive from us a Parent’s Handbook, with a detailed description of the adaptation process.

STEP 4 Adaptation period. The adaptation process is carefully thought out in order to provide maximum support to the entire family that participates in the adaptation. We want the first contact of the Teacher with you and the child to be positive and provide a foundation for building a mutual relationship based on attentiveness and respect. We give ourselves plenty of time for this important process.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the phone number:

You can also write to us at:

We also invite you to read the most common questions from parents here: FAQ, and read the article describing the adaptation process in our nursery. Adaptation in the nursery. What does it look like at Harmony Montessori Park Nursery?

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