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Why Montessori?

Żłobki Montessori Warszawa Ursynów

Dr. Montessori was an Italian doctor who, based on many years of practice and observation, developed a revolutionary method and techniques for working with young children, now called The Montessori Method. Thanks to working with children, she changed entire districts for the better. She freed the potential of children, which prompted a stimulating effect on their homes and families. Home greengrocers and gardens began to appear in impoverished districts. Families began to create something together and took care of their homes. Her method of observing and working with young children has been spread all over the world. Today, her work is continued and still developed by scientists-educators in specialized institutions dedicated to the Montessori method. In Poland, one of such centers is the Polish Montessori Institute.

Montessori strongly believed that the main aim of pedagogy and education is to support the spontaneity and creativity of young children. Her aim was to allow children to develop comprehensively physically, spiritually, culturally and socially. The role of the teacher is actually the role of a guide. It is not passive learning, but creating an environment and encouraging the child to learn independently through interaction in this specially prepared environment.

Żłobki Dwujęzyczne Warszawa Ursynów

Our Values

A child in Harmony Montessori Park

Żłobki Montessori Warszawa Ursynów

In Harmony Montessori Park, thanks to a clear division of space, children find themselves easily there and their natural need for order is met. The teacher-guide has an attitude full of respect for young children and their dignity as a human being. They are not babysitters or “aunties” but professionally trained Montessori teachers. Thanks to this, the children are not only taken care of in terms of hygienic needs, but also educated according to their age in this authentic Montessori program.

In addition, we enrich the program by the constant presence of English during meals, games and everyday activities. Ultimately, we want to offer you a Montessori programme in a bilingual version or as language immersion.


program and space

Żłobki Montessori Warszawa Ursynów

We create Montessori classrooms where a child learns to play with other children, and they all learn to maintain order in the environment. Our classrooms are free from unnecessary sensory information, so that the child is attracted by highly specialized Montessori material. Our environment is not only beautiful, but also it creates optimal conditions for the child’s intellectual and cognitive development.

Order, peace and quiet are the features of our environment, which is divided into smaller areas of Montessori education: practical life, math, sensorial and language education, as well as culture and art. The richness and variety of materials in each area corresponds to the interests and needs of children up to 3 years old. All Montessori materials are available to children within arm’s reach.

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