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Recruitment process takes place all year round, as long as there are places available in the groups and the child is ready to join our group.

We invite children aged 6 to 36 months.


Telephone contact. Please call us to talk to the Director. We want to hear what your needs are and what place you are looking to find for your child. We will present you our Montessori programme and answer all questions. We will also invite you and your child to visit our school.

2nd step

A visit to our nursery. Together with their parents, the child will be able to experience our prepared Montessori environment. We are happy to show you around our nursery, introduce the teachers and answer anyissues regarding adaptation or formal enrollment of your child in our nursery.

3rd step

The decision to enroll your child to the nursery. You will be asked to sign the contract and pay the entry fee. This step will enable us to prepare a place for your child in a group and you will receive a Parent’s Handbook with a detailed description of the adaptation process.

4 step

Adaptation period/process. The adaptation process is carefully designed to ensure maximum support for the whole family that is involved in the adaptation. We want the Teacher’s first contact with you and the child to be positive. This will provide a foundation for building a relationship based on mindfulness and respect. We give ourselves plenty of time for this.

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If you have any questions, please contact us by phone:


You can also write to us at:


We also invite you to read the most frequently asked questions from parents here: FAQ

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